Vision: The Difference Maker



Perhaps the greatest advantage to being a lean-logistics consultant is the ability to benchmark manufacturers across a variety of industries. And while they each have their own unique challenges, they have more shared struggles than some would care to admit.

They all struggle to maximize process efficiencies, forecast future demand, manage inventory levels, and maintain a steady, capable, and motivated work force.

But, if you’ve worked in manufacturing for longer than 15 minutes, you already know this. 

What you might not know is that they also struggle to clearly articulate their corporate values, vision, and mission to themselves and their employees. The reason for this oversight is that many company leaders don’t find it important.

I can relate. I used to be one of them.

After all, we didn’t get paid to sit in conference rooms and wax poetic about pie-in-the-sky concepts that don’t mean get product off the end of the production line. 

Why waste the time?

But I was wrong.

I have found that good companies have a very clear understanding of who they are, what they value, and where they are going.  And great companies clearly communicate this to their workforce. 

This understanding of who they are… this vision of where they are going allows for company leadership to apply the most leverage in aligning resources in the pursuit of a common goal: be it increasing output, improving quality, or ensuring inventory accuracy. 

Without a shared vision, manufacturers devolve into a series of isolated silos, each working according to their own agenda with no shared goals or purpose. And while this can work to get parts out the door, it will hinder your growth. Transformative change cannot occur in this environment.

To truly transform the business, leaders must align everyone around a common sense of purpose and be able to motivate them towards it. The power of an organized collective to effect change is far greater than that of a bunch of disorganized groups. 

Does your business need to undergo a sea change to stay competitive? Are you facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles in 2023?

We would love to help you and your leadership team define who you are and your vision for the future. We would love the opportunity to help outline strategies for communicating and reinforcing this vision to all levels of the organization.

Send us an email ( and let’s setup a time to talk today! 

About the author 

Justin Goethe

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