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Speed Cart Storage System

Mobilize order picking processes with a flexible, mobile solution. Suitable for organizing restocking, order fulfillment, seasonal demands, and more, SpeedCartt is reliable even in the most demanding warehouse environments.


SpeedCartt Benefits & Features

SpeedCartt mobilizes the order picking process, allows greater SKU availability than individual boxes and bins, and is well-suited for high circulation areas.


  • Increase pick facings
  • Reduce travel times
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Pick multiple orders at the same time for maximum efficiency.
  • Single-side or back-to-back loading for greater SKU accessibility
  • 4 different Cartt sizes
  • 8 different column sizes
  • 16 different Cartt combinations
  • Cell capacity: 35 lbs (15 kgs); column capacity: 240 lbs (110 kgs)
  • Operating temperature of -20° F to 180° F (-29° C to 82° C)
  • Mold, flame, and static-resistant
  • Non-fraying polyester mesh textile


Increase Pick Facings

SpeedCartt is engineered to increase pick facings, which reduces travel time and increases order accuracy.

order picking cart


Improve Efficiency

With SpeedCartt, workers can pick multiple orders simultaneously to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

How to improve pick rates