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At Allied Logistics, we specialize in helping manufacturers learn how to scale up their operations through the development of a lean culture focused on standards-based continuous improvement. In fact, we have helped clients improve output by as much as 80% resulting in a $5.25mio increase in monthly revenues with ZERO capital investment.

Lean Logistics

Customized Approach

Our consultants begin by conducting a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your processes, from your supply chain and warehouse operations to your management, staff, and existing digital tools. Using a lean-based approach, we identify areas for improvement then develop a plan to execute our recommendations. We provide a roadmap with processes for training, accountability, and measurement to ensure your team stays on track.

Improvement Methods

Empowering Management

Our systemic approach to continuous improvement plays an integral role in the lean transformation of your operation. We work to empower management with the skills and tools they need to identify manpower strengths and resolve weaknesses affecting the overall culture and workflow structure.

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