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Selective Pallet Racking



Selective pallet racking is the go-to storage system for low-volume, high-SKU inventory. It stores full pallets in single-deep rows and up multiple levels. Selective rack supports FIFO inventory rotation using single-aisle access for put-away and pallet retrieval and can be configured in back-to-back rows to consolidate aisle space.

Advantages | Considerations:

  • 100% selectivity
  • Low-cost storage racking
  • Ideal for low volume, high-SKU inventory
  • Supports FIFO inventory rotation
  • Requires considerable space for aisles
  • Limited pallet density per square foot
  • Versatile for varying inventory specs
  • Adaptable for any warehouse climate: ambient, refrigerator, cold-storage

Build your selective racking system to consolidate pallet storage while maximizing vertical cube space. Selective pallet rack provides a significant advantage over floor stacking by accommodating a far greater number of SKUs per square foot. It is also adaptable for picking cartons and single items by adding wire decking or other decking materials to lower levels and converting them to store non-palletized inventory.

Depending on your inventory specs and warehouse operation, you can order your Selective pallet racking in either roll-formed or structural steel. Both systems provide strength and durability, but one may serve your needs better. Let the Apex team help you design the right pallet racking system to meet your needs. Our team will also ensure that your rack system is equipped, if needed, with safety features such as column and end-of-row guards to protect your people, equipment, and your investment.