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Wheel Bed Rollers

Superior, made-to-order carton flow beds that drop into existing structures to create flexible storage for medium movers.


SpanTrack Wheel Bed Benefits & Features

Durable and dependable SpanTrack carton flow beds maximize space and throughput for inventories of varying shapes and sizes. Our engineered-to-order universal carton flow beds create superior flexibility and increase space utilization throughout your operation.


  • Add to any new or existing pallet rack; no shelves or intermediate support required
  • Store products with a wide variation in size and weight
  • Create a sturdy solution for even the most active warehouses and assembly plants
  • Eliminate hang-ups with 300% more product contact than plastic wheel rails
  • Reduce travel time for order pickers
  • Drop-in design for easy installation
  • Freezer/cooler rated to below zero
  • Light, standard, and heavy-duty capacity choices
  • Knuckled end treatment for improved ergonomic each picks
  • Customizable end treatments that attach easily to any pallet rack setup
  • Interior notching to save vertical space
  • Available in to-the-inch increments
  • Maximum flexibility left-to-right for easy re-slotting
  • Shark fin infeed guides to ease replenishment
  • Hex hub wheel design for optimal flow
  • 7-year warranty