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Stackable Tote – 24″ x 15″ x 4″



The StakPak System offers more than 20 straight-wall modular containers with advanced features to optimize your reusable packaging system. The MSO2415-4 is designed for just-in-time applications where the same containers are used for shipping, storage, and work-in-process. StakPaks are compatible with a wide variety of AIAG pallets, top caps, and seat belt systems. Reinforced external ribbing adds maximum stacking strength. Molded-in continuous bumper keeps dirt and dust from contaminating product. Drain holes in the bumper and handles ensure easy cleaning and draining. Smooth, straight interior walls offer maximum cube utilization and easy interface with custom interior dunnage.

  • 24 x 15 x 4 footprint
  • Reinforced bottom ensures secure stacking of mixed container loads
  • Snap-on cardholder holds 4 card
  • Available in NSO style


Outside Length In 24
Outside Width In 15
Outside Height In 4
Inside Bottom Length In 21.6
Inside Bottom Width In 13
Prod Clearance Reinforced In 2.8
Weight Reinforced Lb 3.5
Containers Per Lyr (45×48 PLT) Required
53ft Trailer 50in Unit Loads 3432