Industrial Mezzanines & Work Platforms


Mezzanine or work platform spaces are one of the most economical ways to maximize the use of your industrial warehouse, distribution center, or storage facility. By building up, you can safely move operations to otherwise unused space and streamline operations in the process. The Apex team has created mezzanine spaces in all varieties, from the most simple catwalk access platforms to multilevel complex pick modules.

Apex provides seamless one-stop-shop execution starting with expert design through professional installation.

Mezzanine Space Use

  • Storage
  • Order picking
  • Manufacturing
  • Office space
  • Lunch/break rooms
  • Equipment platforms
  • Security enclosures
  • Locker rooms
  • Catwalks

There are two main types of industrial mezzanine construction:

  • Rack supported mezzanines
  • Industrial work platforms

Rack supported structures are configured within pallet storage racking and over existing aisle space or above the rack. Pallet storage is often located on the floor level and along the mezzanine’s perimeters, while the condensed mezzanine space is ideal for order picking or kitting operations. Conveyors can be used to move picked items quickly and efficiently from the mezzanine to the packing stations.

Industrial work platforms (IWP) are built as freestanding, heavy-duty structures. They can be more costly to construct than rack supported structures. Still, they are also more accommodating to operational changes that may require the addition of conveyors, office space, shelving, workspaces, etc.

Rack Supported Mezzanine Pros –

  • Configure with carton flow, cantilever, shelving, pallet flow, conveyor, stairs, and pallet gates
  • Less costly to erect than IWPs
  • Do not typically require footings for multi-level mezzanines
  • Visually appealing with racking system

IWP Pros – 

  • Fewer columns required than rack supported, and column placement is more versatile
  • Flexible placement for stairs, drop gates, handrails, and modifications
  • Easier to add on to once erected.
  • Sprinkler systems can be installed to the webbing in joist and girder system modules

Most commonly, our customers are looking to do one of four things with their work platform or mezzanine space:

  • Increase storage space
  • Add offices or personnel rooms
  • Safely secure equipment
  • Create an optimized SKU storage & pick area

Using your existing vertical space is much more cost-effective than renting or buying additional space, splitting your workforce, and adding travel expenses and time. Your new mezzanine with help reduce clutter, improve flow, optimize processing.

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