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Pallet Rack Load Plaques



Every pallet rack system is designed to precise specifications to meet your warehouse storage needs, and as such, each rack system is unique. The load plaques are vital pieces of your rack system. According to RMI, load plaques identify the following information: 

  1. The maximum permissible unit load (the combined weight of the load and its storage container or pallet) and/or maximum uniformly distributed load (UDL) per level.
  2. The average unit load (calculated as the maximum total weight of product expected on all beam levels in any row, divided by the number of beam levels in that row), if applicable.
  3. The maximum total load per bay.
  4. Indication of storage levels that support the stacking of multiple unit loads.

The rack manufacturer provides the capacity charts but it is up to the rack owner to ensure that the plaques are prominently displayed. Load plaques are typically placed at the end of the aisle for each system configuration where they can be accessed quickly to confirm load capacity before accessing the rack.

Elements of a Pallet Rack Capacity Load Plaque

  • Rack owner name/logo
  • Rack manufacturer contact information
  • Installation date or manufacture date
  • System-specific details