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Metal Rack Pallets



Traditional Transport Racks

These custom racks are designed for a long service life for shipping and handling between OEMs and suppliers. Can be customized with dunnage. Multiple bases available, including walk-in, walk-on, truss and low-profile bases.

Bag Racks

Bag racks are often part of the overall solution that automotive manufacturers need for vehicle launches. Typical solutions include fabric bags, cubby hole or plastic corrugated pigeon hole dunnage sets.

Collapsible Racks

Collapsible racks combine the durability of steel, with the flexibility of collapsing when parts have been unloaded. This custom metal solution can efficiently save 2 to 3 times the space when empty, which reduces return freight costs. Can be customized with fabric dunnage that nests efficiently when the rack is collapsed.

Work-in Process (WIP) Racks

WIP racks are used within a plant and not for external transportation. Can be customized with dunnage. Often they are equipped with casters for flexible use from cell to cell. They enable efficient product flow within a plant.