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End Row Guards



Pallet rack at the end of a row may be in the path of danger, but you don’t have to leave it vulnerable. Send in the Guards! End row guards are specifically designed to protect the bottom of your rack systems from equipment strikes. The guards are bolted to the ground, not the rack, to absorb impact while protecting the system safely. The unique shape is what separates end row guards from column guards.

End row guards wrap around the front of the column and then extend down the length of the upright to protect the horizontal strut and rear column. Typically the guards are painted safety yellow to make them easy to spot… and avoid.

End Row Guards Specs:

  • Average height 12” – curve around upright
  • Heavy-duty (.375”) and medium-duty (.25″) gauge options available
  • Typical sizes: 3” or 4” wide x 42”- 48” deep
  • Available for single row or back-to-back pallet rack system configuration