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Carton Flow Racking



Carton flow rack is a gravity-fed storage system for cartons, totes, and individual items. It installs into standard racking and can be used as a stand-alone, ergonomic pick zone or as part of a pick module. Cartons are loaded and flow on slightly inclined rails to the opposite aisle for picking. The system separates picking and replenishment activities to save up to 75% labor costs vs. static storage. First-In/First-Out (FIFO) inventory rotation minimizes shelf time and keeps inventory fresh.

Advantages | Considerations

  • Organizes SKUs for fast, accurate picking
  • Saves space – up to 50% vs. static rack or shelving
  • Reduces labor costs – up to 75% vs. static rack or shelving
  • Increases pick locations – up to 40 locations per bay
  • Efficiently process inventory with FIFO rotation

Carton Flow Accessories

  • Lane dividers
  • Entry guides
  • Knuckle shelf
  • Load impact shelves

Lane dividers – keep SKUs organized and easy to spot and pick. Lane dividers also satisfy regulatory requirements for inventory that must be kept separate.

Entry guides – cost-effective tool for helping workers quickly identify SKU lanes and accurately load inventory. They pop on and off for easy reprofiling.

Knuckle tray – angled shelf that can be positioned to make it easier to see and pick inventory.

Load impact shelf – when loading heavy cartons into a carton flow rack it is better to install impact shelves to take the brunt of the initial impact and spare your valuable flow rails from damage. Easy customize and install.